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What Anime World Do You Belong To?

Embark on an exciting journey to discover which anime world you truly belong in with this engaging personality quiz!

This quiz probes into your problem-solving approach, views on power and strength, preferred environment, conflict resolution style, role in a group, and life motivations.

Each answer aligns with the unique essence of iconic anime universes like ‘Naruto,’ ‘Dragon Ball,’ ‘One Piece,’ ‘Bleach, and other anime worlds. 

Whether you’re drawn to the ninja villages of ‘Naruto,’ the adventurous seas of ‘One Piece,’ or the scientific challenges of ‘Dr. Stone,’ or any other, you can find out.

  • Question of

    What’s your approach to solving problems?

    • With determination and a belief in bonds and friendship.
    • Through strength and martial arts, always seeking to be stronger.
    • With a sense of adventure and a strong moral code.
    • By facing challenges head-on and protecting those I care about.
    • Using strategic fighting skills and understanding supernatural forces.
    • Through science and intellect, believing knowledge is power.
    • Facing adversity with grit and embracing my unique abilities.
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    How do you view power and strength?

    • As a means to protect others and uphold my values.
    • As the ultimate goal, constantly training and fighting to improve.
    • As important, but not as vital as willpower and determination.
    • As a necessary tool to fight evil and maintain balance.
    • As something that needs control and responsibility.
    • As less important than intelligence and resourcefulness.
    • As a chaotic but essential part of life.
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    What is your preferred environment?

    • A world where the power of ninja and the strength of spirit reign.
    • A universe filled with intense battles and constant challenges.
    • A world to explore, filled with adventure and the unknown.
    • A realm where spirits and human worlds intersect.
    • A modern world with hidden supernatural elements and mysteries.
    • A place where science and innovation can rebuild civilization.
    • An edgy, fast-paced world where survival is key.
  • Question of

    How do you handle conflicts?

    • By believing in my friends and fighting for what’s right.
    • Through physical combat, testing my limits.
    • With a mix of courage, strategy, and a bit of luck.
    • By tapping into my inner strength and spiritual powers.
    • With cool tactics and harnessing cursed energy.
    • By using my wits and scientific knowledge to outsmart opponents.
    • By embracing my fears and facing them head-on.
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    What role would you play in a group?

    • The heart and moral compass, always striving for peace.
    • The powerhouse, always ready for a challenge.
    • The adventurous captain, leading with charisma.
    • The protector, skilled in combat and spiritual matters.
    • The strategic fighter, dealing with supernatural threats.
    • The brains, using science and innovation for survival.
    • The wild card, unpredictable but effective.
  • Question of

    What motivates you?

    • Protecting my village and proving my worth.
    • Becoming the strongest and facing the toughest opponents.
    • The thrill of adventure and the pursuit of dreams.
    • Maintaining balance between the spiritual and human worlds.
    • Understanding the mysteries of cursed energy and improving my abilities.
    • The pursuit of knowledge and the rebuilding of civilization.
    • Fighting against my fate and embracing my unique destiny.

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Written by Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale is an animator but you will often find him creating quiz and personality tests about his favorite anime and tv shows. You can reach out to him on

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